Mobile Magic - Text Message Marketing

Step 1: Mobile Web App

Unless your a brand new business you most likely have a website. That’s great if you do! I bet you don’t have a mobile version of that website. Smartphones are being used more often than the personal computer these days. No matter how portable they try to make a PC nothing compares to the Smartphone and its capabilities. The only problem is that the screen size is much smaller! Your beautiful website barely fits on the screen of a Blackberry or Apple iPhone.
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Step 2: SMS Marketing


Your clients will opt-in to your service via your keyword to the short code. They receive a default message that you assign and are then placed into your database. You can send different messages to this database at anytime and anyone in the database will receive the new message.


LoyaltyToday Mobile Marketing


  • Promote your keyword

    Promote your short code and keyword on your existing marketing campaigns, store front, website, etc.

  • Send out your message

    Send your mobile marketing message out to your clients for special events, sales, or new product. There are many different ways you can use messaging.

  • Reap your rewards

    Text messages have a more than thirty percent response rate making it the most effective way of marketing. Send out your messages for daily, weekly or monthly events and watch your industry grow.



 Step 3: QR Codes



I know you’ve seen them everywhere and that’s because everyone knows they catch peoples eye.  You want people asking you, what is that?  Or out of curiosity scanning the code to find out more about your business.  To use the codes, a smartphone owner must download an application that allows his or her phone to read QR codes. Once a code is scanned, it provides a link to a mobile website, contains your contact information or a plethora of other uses for that code.  The best use for this code is to use it in your existing print ads.  I’ve seen the QR Code in the bottoms of shoes, in magazines, on the back of ketchup bottles.  There are tons of uses for it and people are just plain curious as to how it works.  QR Codes are the newest in technology and haven’t hit the mainstream yet.  So that means you will be ahead of the game!


Want to see a QR code in action?  Scan mine below!


You might not be totally sold on the idea but have more questions and if that is the case I’d love for you to give me a call.  I can be reached at 210-201-6501.  If you are totally sold and you know that this is what you want then click the “buy now” button and you’ll be immediately entered into the program and be looking forward to receiving some initial emails regarding your business.








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